SPONSORS – Million Tree Challenge

London’s Million Tree Challenge is proud to be the Official Finishers Medal Sponsor for the London Life Forest City Road Races.

In a symbolic way, Reforest London and Forest City Road Races are proud to present the 2016 London Life Forest City Road Races Official Finishers Medal.  Continuing this year and for future years, when you cross the line, you will be collecting and building your very own “forest” of medals.  It is our hope that this medal not only represents your huge accomplishment, but also a reminder to you to do your part in participating  in the Million Tree Challenge.

To date, the London Life Forest City Road Races donated more than 3,300 seedlings, many as a gift to expo visitors and on National Tree Day. 

About the Million Tree Challenge

Launched in 2011, to build a healthier, greener city and to leave a lasting legacy, London’s Million Tree Challenge led by ReForest London and the City of London – together with over 150 partners –seeks to inspire Londoners together to plant one million trees on personal, business, institutional, public and industrial land in ten years.

London’s current tree cover falls below standards necessary for a healthy community and a robust infrastructure. The Forest City needs at least one million more trees to optimize London’s environmental and human health. Trees provide numerous health, economic and environmental benefits including:  cleaner air, cooler spaces, lower heating and cooling bills, higher property values, more wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

There are so many ways to get involved in London’s Million Tree Challenge –as an individual, an organization or group, a business, and a corporation. We need every Londoner to become engaged in this important initiative to grow a healthier place for all of us to live, work, play and run! Find out more at www.milliontrees.ca

Free Tree Seedlings

Thanks to Bentley Hearing Services, we will have over 1000 tree seedlings available for participants to take home.  Bentley Hearing was the winner of the 2018 Chamber of London Small Business of the Year for 2018 .  Bentley Hearing is a proud partner of the Forest City Road Races and support our efforts with the Million Tree Program.