Thames Valley Children's Centre logo100% of the net proceeds of the races go to the Thames Valley Children’s Centre

Thames Valley Children’s Centre is a regional rehabilitation centre for children and young adults with physical disabilities, communication disorders, developmental delays, and autism spectrum disorders, living primarily in Southwestern Ontario. TVCC provides assessment, diagnosis, consultation and therapy to help young people reach their potential in terms of independence, self-esteem and participation in society. TVCC serves more than 8,000 children ranging from newborns to young adults, every year in the ten counties surrounding London.

With the help from events like the Forest City Road Races (FCRR), Thames Valley Children’s Centre (TVCC) is able to provide Opportunities to Participate programs to their clients and families. These experiences can significantly enhance a child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Further, these experiences can lay the foundation for lifelong interests.

Opportunities to Participate at TVCC helps children attend summer camp, perform on stage, learn to take the bus, play on a soccer team, swing a golf club or ride a bike. It helps parents be ready for their child’s participation in life by supporting valuable information sessions and workshops such as: “Getting Ready for School”, “Getting Ready for Recreation”, or “Getting Ready for Summer Camp”. Through Opportunities to Participate, children can participate in existing community programs or get involved in specialized opportunities with partners like Original Kids Theatre Company.

Donations from Forest City Road Races will ensure that children with special needs and their families have the best options to support their participation and decisions about how they wish to live their lives.

Supporting participation for kids with special needs is a critical component in achieving the mission of TVCC… “our clients at their best”. Forest City Road Races provides much needed funds but more importantly, FCRR  is creating awareness of Thames Valley Children’s Centre and their vital programs across our region!


“The Forest City Road Races is a Not for Profit Corporation dedicated to hosting a first class annual running event where all proceeds are donated in support of our chosen charity.”

9 years old
London, Ont.

When Felix was three years old, his parents took him for an assessment at Thames Valley Children’s Centre (TVCC). They were prepared to hear a diagnosis of Autism, but the diagnosis of cancer took them by surprise.

In just over a week, Felix was officially diagnosed with both Autism and a large Stage 4 Wilms Tumor. Felix’s oncology team at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre made a plan to treat his cancer, which included special considerations for his Autism.

Felix finished cancer treatments in the spring of 2011 and his family concentrated on learning to live with Autism. The expertise and support from therapists in the Autism program at TVCC helped the family through their difficulties.

This past summer, Felix was able and eager to participate in activities at TVCC. “It is a place where he feels comfortable to go and do work,” shares his mom Lindsay. “He trusts the people there because they understand what Autism is. They know how to analyze what he needs and prepare and implement what is needed to be successful - and coach us as parents to do it too!”

Today, Felix has been officially cancer-free for five years! As a nine-year-old with Autism, he still has his own set of challenges to overcome. Thanks to the tools and programs provided by TVCC, his family knows he is equipped to continue to overcome these challenges and make gains to thrive!