The Canada Life Forest City Road Races are proud to present the “Partners Program”. This program is designed for those who are interested in team building and fundraising on behalf of their charity or association. Team build and fund raise while FCRR organize and plan all the details of the event.

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The Event:  Canada Life Forest City Road Races

The Date: Sunday, April 26, 2020

Location: Victoria Park, The City of London

The Objective: Encourage participation in the Canada Life Forest City Road Races while raising funds for your Charity or Association or Group

The Challenge: Leverage this program and engage your constituents while competing in a well-run event as an official partner.

Benefits for Your Charity or Association:

Encourages participation and support for your cause by allowing participants to raise funds for your Charity or Association or Group.

Reduces risk by removing many of the costs, time and resources associated with organizing a stand-alone event.

Raises awareness for your cause by partnering with a first class event that attracts participants from across North America.

Free, personalized fundraising. We add the convenience and security of online fundraising and tax receipting at ZERO cost to you.


Benefits of Using Our Online Fundraising System:

Quick reporting – fundraising reports containing registrant details and individual donation, including tax receipt numbers.

Tax receipts (if you choose this option) are generated electronically and issued to the donors email address.

Lower administration costs – only a 4.5% + 50¢ cost for online donations. Less handling of donations means more time to recruit and encourage participants.

Ease of linking to social mediums such as Facebook and Twitter.


Register at the bottom of this page. Registration info needed include contact info, logo and bio for your web page on our site. 


A professionally organized race with a proven track record of 35 years of success. We are Southwestern Ontario’s largest running event.

Logo on with link to your own site.

Expo booth on race weekend, Saturday.

Promotional letters to use if you choose inviting people to register and collect pledges for your Charity, Association or Group

How it works from a registered participants perspective:

Participant registers through the FCRR website

A confirmation page is sent to the registered participant

That confirmation page has a link on it inviting them to set up their own personal page

This page offers them the ability to choose from all registered partners who they are “running for”

It also offers the ability to add images, add their own bio, and utilize the popular social media tools, as well as an email link.

The participant will want to share this page with friends, co-workers, family and to the world, as for people to pledge money to their chosen beneficiary.

Email any questions to:

We highly recommend that you register today, take advantage of the exposure our site receives all year round, many runners will start their training now, and most importantly, collecting pledges.