The London Life Forest City Road Races are committed to lessening our impact on the environment and supporting eco-friendly practices.

We will be continuing to implement practices to phase out the use of single-use water bottles by encouraging all attendees to bring reusable drinking bottles that they can fill for free at our water bar and by providing water in new compostable cups.

On race weekend, you will notice our City of London Ecostations. These are waste diversion stations that contain compost, plastics recycle, and paper recycle bins as well as a landfill bin. These stations are staffed with dedicated volunteers who are there to help make sure as many items are properly diverted from landfill as possible through recycling and compost.

We also welcome local environmental nonprofits, such as ecoLiving London and Reforest London, as a part of our vendor area in order to help get the word out on resources that are available within our community.