SPONSORS – Sole Science

Since 2002 SoleScience has been providing London and area with an exceptional level of pedorthic care, while building a reputation as the “experts” to turn to when dealing with foot and lower limb discomfort. SoleScience originally started out of the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic and has since expanded to 12 locations across Southwestern Ontario. More recently, SoleScience acquired J Seigel Footwear and Runners’ Choice to open a proper “sit and fit” shoe store within the heart of London. Come in and check out all that SoleScience has to offer today!


Services offered:

                - Custom made foot orthotics

                - Primary foot and lower limb assessments, including gait analysis

                - Over-the-counter orthotics

                - Compression stockings, night splints

                - Performance footwear and footwear modifications (emphasizing the proper FIT)

                - Run clinics


Visit www.solescience.ca  today! 

27 Maitland St, London