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London Life

Forest City Road Races

Sunday, April 26, 2015


March 22, London, Ontario –

Reforest London is proud to unveil the 2015 London Life Forest City Road Races Official Finishers Medal.  All runners, for all distances who finish their race, will receive the collectors medal.  See it now…


Madison views her prosthetic legs as just another way of living,

not as an impairment.  She has been involved in sports all of her life!

From figure skating and horseback riding to track and field events, Madison has found a way to participate and excel in everything she attempts. She is on her school’s Cross Country Team, Track Team and in the School Band.  She belongs to the London Western Track Club and in her spare time, she plays violin, guitar, cello and percussion!

Always willing to give of herself, Madison has accumulated over 450 volunteer hours including being a volunteer at Jabez Therapy Ranch which provides horseback riding lessons to children with physical or developmental disabilities.

Her career goal is to be a social worker.  She would love to work for the Thames Valley Children Centre to use all of her experiences to help others.

For Madison, life is all about trying new things and giving your best.


“There is one thing that I would like to thank my grandparents for. They taught me through everything I have been involved in that there is no such word as can’t.  Although I have a disability there is always a way to do something if you try hard enough and never give up!” Madison Wilson-Walker

*Madison is the TVCC Ambassador for 2015 and a great athlete.  Due to her competitive schedule, she will not be running in our event this year as she has a race the day before.  We wish her great luck on April 25 and look forward to hearing about her race on our race day April 26.  Go get it Madison!

February 3, 2015, London, Ontario, Canada – The London Life Forest City Road Races are proud to announce that Gatorade will now be our chosen electrolyte drink served on course at all hydration stations on all courses.  We strongly recommend incorporating Gatorade into your training runs to become familiar with its taste and benefits.  The 2015 flavour will be FCRR Lime.